First we suggest using our pre-created emails rather than trying to create your own. It is becoming harder and harder to create emails. Most sites only allow 1 signup per day per IP. Also some sites have instituted the new Google Captcha which is very hard for services like 2Captcha and Death By Captcha to solve and at this point they aren't very accurate at solving those captchas. 

If you've exhausted your pre-created emails for the day and can't wait until the days allowance resets you can purchase your own email accounts to use in the software. Just add them to the Emails.txt file in the C:\FCS Networker folder in this format.,password1,available,password2,available,password3,availabe

Then uncheck the auto-create emails and get pre-created emails checkboxes and check the "Use Emails.txt" checkbox. If you are looking for a reliable supplier of email accounts we recommend Yahoo accounts with the spam filter disabled. Here are some services who provide these accounts.